Aquaplanet 10'6 MAX iSUP Review

Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2020)


Aquaplanet 10ft 6 Max iSUP Package
Illustration – sizes are not proportionate in the picture

Aquaplanet 10ft-6in MAX is affordable surprisingly decent all-around inflatable SUP board that by design is sleek and stable in the case of a average sized paddler weighing less than 240 pounds (max weight capacity 286 lbs).

The previous version of the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP) doesn’t differ much from this update version. I still consider it one of the best iSUP among the cheaper ones.

Check the price of the Aquaplanet 10ft-6in MAX Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package.


Quick Overview For The Hasty

The Aquaplanet 10′ 6 MAX iSUP Board measures 10′6″ x 31″ x 6″ (length x width x thickness)weighs 24 pounds and has weight capacity of 286 pounds (max paddler weight up to around 240 pounds). The package comes with everything you need to get on the water.

Who is this for? The Aquaplanet 10ft-6in MAX iSUP Board is for relatively average sized paddlers ideally weighing around or less than 240 pounds looking for a simple all-around board. The extra weight is for passengers (dogs, kids, companion), or equipment.

How’s the performance? The Aquaplanet 10′ 6” MAX iSUP is a good mix of stability and maneuverablity due to its design.

You might be wondering if a cheaper iSUP is worth it, but with this one you’re in good hands.


Who And What Is The Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Designed For?

  • Who: ideally for people weighing around or less than 240 pounds.
  • What: all-purpose, everything to a moderate degree.

The Aquaplanet 10ft-6in MAX Stand up Paddleboard is designed for beginners of all ages and families. As it’s an all-around, it’s suitable for flat water paddling but also for the more choppier waters.

Get a better feeling of things by checking out SUP Buying guide (link opens in a new tab).


How Does The Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP Perform?

The performance of the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP can mainly be judged by its

  • Maneuverability
  • Stability

The tail of the Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP is relatively narrow and rounded making turns rather fluid and easy. Although the thickness would hinder maneuverability, the board is lightweight (24 pounds), so the thickness in itself shouldn’t be too big of a problem when turning.

Such an ease of glide should also play a good role when it comes to speed. What the thickness does contribute to is the stability.

I’d consider it very stable in the case of an average sized paddler.

How Does The Aquaplanet 10'6 MAX iSUP Perform?


How Have I Conducted This Review?

Simply by trying to understand the world of SUP I’ve come across another inflatable SUP board, the Aquaplanet 10ft-6in MAX.

I’ve documented my findings as I researched into this board.


Specifications Of The Aquaplanet 10ft 6” X 15cm MAX Stand up Paddleboard


1 – type:
As the Aquaplanet 10ft 6 Max iSUP board is an all-around, it can be used almost anywhere to a moderate degree, be it lakes, canals, river, choppier seas etc. You can also use this board for some surfing, cruising, yoga, fishing etc.

2 – construction:
The Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP is inflatable. As it’s also lightweight and can be deflated and rolled up, one could travel with it as well.

3 – length:
The board is 10ft-6in long which in the case of an all-around is not too long nor too short.

4 – width:
Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP is 31 inches wide. Width dictates how stable a board is, generally speaking. 31 inches for a beginner is relatively perfect balance between a tad bit of a challenge at first and comfortably stable a few hours into it.

5 – thickness:
The board is 6 inches thick. Most all-arounds are 6 inches thick – generally speaking, a thicker board is more stable than a thinner board.

6 – weight:
This board weighs 24 pounds. It’s considered lightweight.

7  – weight capacity:
The smaller boards are intended for lighter people while the bigger ones are for the heavy ones. When we talk about Aquaplanet 10ft 6″ MAX Stand up Paddleboard, it’s ideal for lighter paddlers weighing about 180 pounds or so. It can support a person up to around 220 to 240 pounds. Beyond that and I’d say it will have stability issues for you. You would need a wider board to feel comfortable stability wise. However, if you are very heavy, chances are you may need a longer/wider board.

8 – completeness
The board is versatile and a complete all rounder. It’s suitable for all age groups. The best part of this is that the board is complete in itself. You do not need any extra equipment to work with it. The set is self sufficient and has everything that you might need for a good experience.

Aquaplanet 10ft 6 Max Specs


What Is The Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP Made Of?

The construction and design of the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP comprises of a single layer PVC material. A single-layer construction is not ideal, but for smaller paddlers casually wanting to enjoy the activity it’s close to ideal. It’s when a considerably larger paddler happens to use this board – the board might not support such weights very well.

The rails are however enhanced with double layer construction.

You may be wondering: what is this PVC material exactly (link opens in a new tab)?

Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP construction illustration

What Are The Features of Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP?

The Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board used to be white. Now it’s greyish. The reason for that, in my opinion, is that in time, forces of nature will have an effect on the board if you didn’t take care of it enough. Those pesky aesthetic effects won’t be as visible on a grey board.

  1. bungee storage areaAquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Board Features
  2. deck pad
  3. carry handle
  4. D-rings (4)
  5. valve
  6. D-ring (1)
  7. fins (3)

1 – bungee storage area:
At the nose of the board is a storage area consisting of four point mounted bungee net. You simply have to slip your essentials underneath and they are secured.

2 – DeeP eva deck:
On top of the board is a deck pad helping you keep you on your feet.

3 – carry handle:
A carry handle in the middle. For some, it may not be an ideal option, so a shoulder carry strap bought seperately might prove useful.

4 – D-rings: (4)
4 D-rings on the sides of the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP board for added functionality. You can attach a kayak seat there for example, extra storage for when you’re fishing, etc.

5 – inflation valve:
Inflation valve for inflating and deflating the board.

6 – Dring: (1)
A D-ring at the rear of the board is there for your ankle leash.

7 – fins: (3)
Aquaplanet 10ft 6″ MAX iSUP board comes with a tri-fin system. The bigger one in the middle is detachable. The smaller ones would mainly find use for when you try some surfing or use the board in shallow waters.


What Else is Included With The Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP Package?

Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Waterproof Bag

Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Shoulder Strap

The package includes a pump, adjustable 3-piece aluminum floating paddle, heavy duty rucksack, coiled leash, waterproof bag, shoulder strap, and a repair kit. All of these make your experience even better without any sort of additional problems of getting those essential things on top of the board.


PaddleAquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Paddle
The Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP package includes an adjustable 3-piece aluminium floating paddle. As it’s adjustable, family members and friends can try it out without having to bring their own paddle. It also fits in the backpack and can be attached to the outside of the backpack to leave extra storage inside. You may want to quickly learn more about SUP paddles in general (link opens in a new tab).

Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP BackpackBackpack
The Aquaplanet 10′ 6 MAX Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package also includes a heavy duty carry rucksack. Everything included in the package can be carried with it. Additionally, the paddle and the pump can be attached to the outside of the bag which leaves more room inside for some extra things for you to bring with you. The bag measures roughly 2′6″ x 18″ x 1′ (height x width x depth)or around 800-850mm x 350-450mm x 230-300mm (height x width x depth).

PumpAquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Handpump
The iSUP kit also includes a “premium” dual action pump. It takes approximately 6-10 minutes to inflate the board and can be considered a good warm up before getting on the water. The recommended pressure is around 15, but it can go up to 17 PSI max. The pump comes with a pressure gauge for monitoring the air pressure inside the board as you pump.

Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Ankle LeashAnkle leash
The Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Package includes a coiled ankle leash. Strap it on to your ankle so that the board does not stray away with flow of the water were you to fall for example (be wary using a leash in waters with strong currents, check this SUP safety post for more insights).

Repair KitAquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Repair Kit
This inflatable SUP package also has a repair kit that includes PVC patches, adhesive, and a valve wrench. It ensures that you have help within reach in case of minor damages to the board.


So Is The Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP For You?

Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Board With Eyes

This affordable iSUP board is surprisingly decent of an all-around. It also has good customer support and a caring brand behind it, so you’d be in good hands if you went for this one, assuming it was the right fit in terms of weight (ideally 220-240 pounds, if you weighed less, it’d be very stable of a board, perhaps even too stable, and if more, might become a less stable).

Overall, at least when compared to other lower priced all-arounds, it stands out to me as a really good one.

However, if you weighed considerably more than 286 pounds, you may want a wider/longer board.


Where To Buy The Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX iSUP Package?

An ideal alternative to buy the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board would be to go to a physical shop. This would allow you to examine the product before buying. Also you can take along an expert to provide you with some valuable tips.

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, you can look for the SUP board from online stores as well.

Since we’re talking about Aquaplanet here, they mainly operate via Amazon by themselves, so that’s where you’ll most likely find them and their boards: Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX SUP Board Package.



Aquaplanet 10ft-6in MAX is affordable surprisingly decent all-around inflatable SUP board that by design is sleek but also stable in the case of a average sized paddler. It’s good to go on flat but also in moderate chop.

The brand behind this board cares for its customers and tries to solve their problems.

Aquaplanet Brand
The brand is known to provide high quality SUP boards at an affordable price.

Included Accessories
The Aquaplanet 10ft 6″ MAX Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a list of accessories includes the board, paddle, backpack, pump, repair kit and a coiled leash.

There is no particular warranty information available apart from a mention of a 1-year warranty along with an exceptional customer support.

Where To Buy
It’s simple, buy here: Aquaplanet 10ft 6 MAX SUP Board Package.



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