List Of SUP Board Reviews

List Of Stand Up Paddle Boards (2020)


SUPs… SUPs everywhere.
Allow this piece of content to guide you through this sea of stand up paddle boards.

Narrower SUP is faster (racing, surfing);
Wider SUP is more stable (all-around, fishing, fitness);

Shorter SUP is easier to maneuver (whitewater, surfing);
Longer SUP allows to build up more speed (racing, touring).

TIP: the bigger the board, the more it costs.
For more, check with SUP buying guide.
Also, just in case: SUP safety tips.


Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUPs)

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Solid Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs)

  • All-Around
  • Fishing
  • Flatwater/Touring
  • Open Ocean
  • Racing
  • Surfing
  • Whitewater/River Riding
  • Wide SUP
  • WindSUP
  • Yoga


Kids’ Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • All-Around


What matters to you is the type, volume and construction of the stand up paddle board (SUP). And perhaps the brand, too.

  • Type – because taking part in a SUP race with a SUP board meant for surfing is not exactly viable (find out more).
  • Volume – because if your weight in kilograms exceedes the volume, you’ll sink with the SUP (find out more).
  • Construction – either inflatable or solid (find out more).


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